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EXCLUSIVE. Daughters of Davis – British Soul (First Play)

Daughters of Davis are back, they have a new album ‘British Soul’ which is set for release on 1st September, and today we can bring you an exclusive first play of the album’s title track. It’s got everything we’ve come to expect from the sisters with big, big vocals and an effortlessly catchy melody.

Fresh from touring Europe with Rebecca Ferguson and Eels, the Davis ‘soul sisters’ return with a record that perfectly captures their wide-eyed enthusiasm and playful spirit. The album contains a more musically diverse collection of songs than their début, blending pop, soul, gospel and even a country twang in places. Whereas the first album was centred around vocal and acoustic guitar, British Soul builds from a much richer musical base, but the girls impressive vocals remain very much the focus.

This is undoubtedly a more mature record, but that doesn’t mean it takes itself too seriously. This is still a very fun record, perfectly witnessed on lead single ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ That’s not to say there aren’t some more reflective moments, most notably ‘Honest Woman’ a polite nudge for a life-long union, and their unexpected but successful re-working of ‘Amazing Grace’ which brings the album to a close.

You get the feeling that life is one long adventure for Daughters of Davis and who wouldn’t want to just be a part of it?


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